• Skincare for smoother and brighter skin “Premium Series“

  • The most prominent cream in the history of DERMED. Premium cream No.1

  • For your mature skin and hair DERMED, the true aging-care with originally developed ingredients

  • For mature skin and hair, Choose aging-care cosmetics by its ingredients.

Beautiful skin, beautiful life. デルメッド DERMED
    • Power of Original Ingredients
    • Power of Precise Combination
    • Power of Formulation as Cosmetics
    • DERMED Technology
    Distinctive technology
    in order to achieve beauty.

    With knowledge and experience accumulated over
    the years, we lead you to the beauty you desire.


  • DERMED products

    DERMED products
    to treat skin and hair problems.

    To all the women who wish to stay young and beautiful,
    we provide Premium Cream No.1, skincare for smoother and brighter skin and three special categories of products;
    skin lightening products, skin smoothing products,
    and volumizing hair products.


  • Brand History

    Brand History
    the origin of  DERMED

    Sansho Seiyaku was the first to develop
    “Placental Extract” and “Kojic Acid” in Japan.
    Here is our history along with stories of those ingredients.