Anti-wrinkle ingredient Serumvital

R & D report Anti-wrinkle ingredient Serumvital
We, Sansho Seiyaku, have been committed to the research and development of skin care ingredients for over 50 years since the foundation in 1960. In this report, we present you one of the highly evaluated ingredients we developed.

[Evidence] Effect of Serumvital on wrinkles

From rosemary known as an “herb for rejuvenation”, Serumvital was made available with our proprietary technology.
Rosemary’s legend as an herb for rejuvenation grew in 14th century when Queen Elizabeth of Hungary used rosemary to enhance her health and beauty. Its anti-oxidant activity and anti-wrinkle effect had been known for a long time, but no one was able to extract the active ingredient little contained in rosemary with usual extraction method.
Researchers of Sansho Seiyaku examined each and every extraction method in order to extract the active ingredient for wrinkles and sagging. And finally they came to a proprietary method enabling successful isolation of the ingredient at high concentration without compromising its efficacy. The ingredient was named Serumvital.
To treat wrinkles and sagging caused by aging and photoaging, Serumvital plumps your skin up from the inside out.
There are mainly two types of wrinkles. One is “fine lines” caused by dryness which only delve into the epidermal layer. And the other is “deep wrinkles” that delve into the dermal layer. Fine lines can be eliminated by moisturizer. But because deep wrinkles are caused by damaged skin structure in dermis as a result of aging or exposure to UV rays, the key to treating deep wrinkles is repairing the damage. Serumvital repairs the damage in dermis and reduces wrinkles. In fact, using Serumvital containing cream continuously reduced deep wrinkles as well as fine lines. And it is clinically proven. Serumvital repairs deep and well-defined wrinkles.

Mechanism of action Treatment of wrinkles and sagging

Treating damage in dermis.

Collagen and elastin are the structure of the skin that maintains both elasticity and firmness. But because of aging and exposure to UV rays, collagen and elastin are damaged, which leads to disruption of the skin structure. As a result, skin loses its elasticity and deep wrinkles emerge.
Serumvital prevents epidermal thickening and makes skin smooth and soft. And then it also repairs damaged collagen and elastin in dermis. Therefore Serumvital reduces deep and well-defined wrinkles, plumps your skin up from the inside out and make your skin firm, supple and soft.

3 different mechanisms to repair and prevent wrinkles

  • 1.Prevent epidermal thickening
    Serumvital reduces epidermal thickness and makes epidermis thin and soft.
  • 2.Prevent collagen damage
    Serumvital repairs collagen and makes skin firm.
  • 3.Prevent elastin damage
    Serumvital prevents damage to elastin and protects elasticity of skin.

From the laboratory Effect of Serumvital

Ingredient development department Kazuhiro Iga

Serumvital is effective for sagging
and lifts the entire face.
When collagen and elastin are damaged, the skin structure is disrupted and wrinkles appear on areas where frequently moved. On areas other than the wrinkled areas, the disrupted structure appears as sagging. Serumvital repairs the skin structure, plumps up the entire face as well as repairing wrinkles. In a study using Serumvital containing cream for 2 months, Serumvital effectively improved sagging and showed face lift effect.
Also Serumvital conditions skin texture and enhances moisture retention. It is an excellent skin smoothing ingredient with many different effects.

Evidence Efficacy of Serumvital

  • Inhibitory effect of Serumvital on epidermal thickening.

    Study 1 Prevent epidermal thickening
    Serumvital prevents epidermal thickening
    and makes skin smooth and soft.
    Epidermis increases its thickness in response to UV exposure in order to protect skin. As epidermis thickens, skin becomes harder. On UV irradiated skin, Serumvital was applied. As a result, epidermal thickening was prevented, which means Serumvital makes skin smooth and soft.
  • Collagen production promoting effect of Serumvital

    Study 2 Enhance collagen production
    Serumvital enhances collagen production
    and repairs collagen fibers.
    Collagen is the main structural protein which maintains firmness. Unfortunately, it is produced less and less as you age. Adding Serumvital to cultured human dermal fibroblasts increased collagen content to 2.5-fold. And application of Serumvital on UV irradiated skin made collagen fibers equally smooth to that in non-irradiated skin. These indicate that Serumvital effectively enhances collagen production and repairs damaged collagen fibers.

    Repair of collagen fibers by Serumvital

  • Stem Cell Proliferation Effect of Serumvital

    Study 3 Stem Cell Proliferation Effect
    It enhances the stem cell activity and plumps up skin from the inside.
    Skin stem cells are the source of new skin cells. When they are active, they differentiate into skin cells one after another and replace damaged ones. Therefore, skin maintains its firmness and smoothness. By adding Serumvital to the medium, the stem cell count increased by 22.6%. This indicates that Serumvital promotes stem cell proliferation, enhances its activity and makes skin firm.
  • Comparison of inhibitory effect on matrix-degrading enzymes

    Study 4 Inhibitory effect on matrix-degrading enzymes in dermis
    Serumvital inhibits damage and protects collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
    When skin is exposed to UV rays, matrix-degrading enzymes such as collagenase, elastase and hyaluronidase are activated and degrade collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Adding Serumvital to the matrix-degrading enzymes inhibited their activities. It indicates that Serumvital effectively protects firmness and elasticity of skin.

Academic conference presentation on Serumvital

1 Effect of wrinkle improvement of rosemary extract, Serumvital, in photoaging wrinkle model mouse. The Society for Biotechnology, Japan / Annual Meeting 2010