DERMED Technology
enables "Better Ingredients, Better Cosmetics".

With the three powers cultivated over the years, we lead you to the beauty you desire.

DERMED Technology enables “Better Ingredients, Better Cosmetics”.
  • Original ingredients

    Original ingredients
    We, DERMED, develop active ingredients ourselves selecting from a vast number of natural raw materials. By developing highly effective ingredients, we would like to contribute to treating age-related skin and hair problems.
    • Kojic Acid as a skin lightening ingredient
      The hint was a Japanese saying that “the hands of sake brewers are beautiful”. After 13 years of research, we developed Kojic Acid from Japanese Koji used for brewing Japanese sake. The history of Kojic Acid as a lightening ingredient started with DERMED.
      • Details on Kojic Acid
    • 120 original ingredients
      We developed 120 ingredients from natural raw materials. Not only the skin lightening ingredient: Kojic Acid, but also an anti-wrinkle ingredient: Serumvital and a hair-restoring ingredient: CTP and many others are the fruit of our efforts. We continuously develop ingredients effective for skin and hair problems.
      • Details on Kojic Acid
      • Details on Serumvital
      • Details on CTP
    • Active Ingredients affect directly to the cause
      We develop ingredients, researching skin functions from many different angles. In order to meet women’s demands to stay beautiful, our research and development would never come to an end.
  • Precise combination

    Precise combination
    We investigate combinations that would bring full effect of each ingredient contained in a product. In other words, we combine ingredients precisely, calculating how well it would penetrate skin and how effective it would be on actual skin. With profound knowledge of every ingredient, we manufacture truly effective cosmetics.


    • Search of the most effective combination
      After developing an ingredient, we verify countless combinations in order to pursue stability and effectiveness. We produce cosmetics that unleash the power of each ingredient and help you treat your skin and hair problems.
    • Achieve both effectiveness and safety
      No matter how effective the product is, we do not launch it unless we can prove its safety. We believe we are responsible for every ingredients contained in our cosmetics and we conduct safety inspections in-house. We examine our cosmetics by strict standard for it is to be applied on your skin directly.
    • Quality to ensure the confidence of customers
      In order to provide products whose effectiveness do not change under various circumstances, we ascertain its quality strictly. Products are inspected under hostile environments with temperatures of sub-zero or over 40 degrees.
  • Formulation as cosmetics

    Formulation as cosmetics
    Cosmetics are used every day, so we pay special attention to pleasantness when applied. Not only do we formulate effective cosmetics that penetrate skin well, but we also control details such as scent. Our cosmetics boost hopes for beauty and enrich women’s minds.


    • Pleasant texture
      Each item is formulated depending on its role. We consider how soft it should be to be easily applied on entire face or how hard it should be to stay on a troubled area. Several items can be used together and they still agree with the skin and feel pleasant.
    • Controlled gentle scent
      DERMED cosmetics are basically unscented so that they can be used together. But some items are scented in order to produce blissful moments such as hair essence with floral scent. We control scent of our products to make your daily care time comfortable and pleasant.
    • Functional usability
      Cosmetics are applied every day. So we consider usability of their packages calculating the best size and shape for woman’s hands. And also we design beautiful packages so as to make your daily care time joyful.