Premium Cream ― luxurious yet effective No.1 care The most prominent cream 
in the history of DERMED.  In order to treat mature skin problems such as spots, sagging, yellowish discoloration or dryness, the true aging-care cream enriched with 8 skincare ingredients was launched. Adding the cream to your daily skincare will bring back translucency and firmness to your skin.

    The true aging-care cream


    International Price USD 160 (excl. tax)

    The most prominent cream in the history of DERMED treats various mature skin problems. It brings translucency and firmness to your skin.

Skin care step

Enriched with 8 ingredients! Premium Cream No.1

As well as Kojic Acid and Serumvital, it is enriched with many ingredients for brighter and smoother skin. It approaches from various angles and treats mature skin problems.

Kojic Acid [skin lightening and anti-glycation ingredient]

Serumvital [anti-wrinkle ingredient]

Arnica Extract [skin lightening ingredient]

Stevia Extract [anti-glycation ingredient]

Thyme Extract [anti-wrinkle ingredient]

Hyaluronic Acid [moisturizing ingredient]

Ceramide [moisturizing ingredient]

Ohhiratake Culture Solution [moisturizing ingredient]

Ingredient  Development Department Kazuhiro Iga

We, Sansho Seiyaku, are the developer of the skin lightening ingredient ”Kojic Acid”.Now with the 8 ingredients, we present the formulation for mature skin problems.

To treat accumulated mature skin problems, we developed “Kojic Acid” getting a hint from a Japanese saying that the hands of sake brewers are beautiful. We also developed “Serumvital” from rosemary known as an herb for rejuvenation.
In this cream, we contained those two major ingredients of ours. Formulating the two into one cream, we bring the power of skin lightening and skin firming to you.
Furthermore, we precisely formulated other skin lightening and anti-wrinkle ingredients so that the cream treats mature skin problems such as spots, sagging, enlarged pores, yellowish discoloration and dryness.


Efficacy of Premium Cream No.1

The longer you use, the more effective it treats your skin and brings translucency and firmness to your skin.

Skin f irmness and moisture content

Comparison of skin firmness at 0, 1 and 2 months.

Comparison of skin moisture content at 0, 1 and 2 months.

※Participants : 4 participants in their 40s and 50s / mean value of the 4 participants
※Use period : April to June, 2016

Skin lightening effect

UV rays were irradiated on skin to artificially induce pigmentation. Then Premium
Cream No.1 and cream without the 8 ingredients were applied for 21 days.

Skin became lighter than the initial value on day 15.

According to own research.