Development of highly reliable and proven technology throughout our history of over 100 years.

  • 1887-Meiji 20-
    Establishment of Jinnai Sansho-do Pharmacy
    One local pharmacy was the start of our long history.

    Jinnai Sansho-do Pharmacy, the predecessor of the present Sansho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., was opened during the turbulent Meiji era. The founder, Ryuichi Jinnai, had been manufacturing medicines based on formulations of the traditional Japanese medicine handed down within his family. And he was ahead of others in adopting “separation of pharmacy and medicine” that the government pushed forward. He devoted himself to dispensary services thinking that it would make medicines accessible to common people who could not easily have medical treatment by doctors at that time.

    Jinnai Sansho-do Pharmacy

  • 1960-Showa 35-
    Foundation of Sansho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    The first step as a pioneer of skin lightening products.

    After the war, the pharmaceutical division of Jinnai Sansho-do Pharmacy became an independent company, Sansho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. We had been devoting ourselves to developing dermatologic medicines and we were the first in Japan to develop an ointment containing Placental Extract as a “skin lightening cream”. Several years later, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law was revised and the category of the Placenta ointment was changed from medicine to quasi-drug, which is a unique product classification in Japan and often defined as drugs, OTC products or cosmetics in other countries. Because of the classification change, the ointment was allowed to be sold other than hospitals and pharmacies. It became much easier to purchase for many women. We apply drug development technology to development of our quasi-drugs and cosmetics.

    Sansho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • 1988-Showa 63-
    The first skin lightening cosmetic product launched in Japan
    Introducing a new concept, “skin lightening”, in Japan.

    “Kojic Acid”, which Sansho Pharmaceutical developed, was the first in Japan to be approved as a skin lightening active ingredient for quasi-drugs. This was the beginning of the concept, “skin lightening”, in the field of quasi-drugs. Development of Kojic Acid started when researchers of Sansho Pharmaceutical took a hint from a Japanese saying that “the hands of sake brewers are bright and beautiful”. As a result of numerous tests and experiments, we discovered that Kojic Acid, derived from Japanese Koji used for brewing Japanese sake, has a skin lightening effect. It took 13 years to prove its safety and efficacy.
    In 1988, years of research finally bore fruit and we launched the world’s first cream containing Kojic Acid. This was the beginning of “skin lightening” cosmetics in Japan.

    cream containing Kojic Acid

  • 1993-Heisei 5-
    Launch of a skincare brand “DERMED”
    Original cosmetics with ingredients of our own.

    “Be true to oneself and grow old with grace.” In order to support the wish of women, we launched our original skincare brand “DERMED”. The basic skincare line at that time contained our newly-developed anti-wrinkle ingredient. We were particular about developing formulations that were the best for treating mature skin in a series of skincare from face wash to serum, and completed the “Basic Skincare”. With our strength of conducting all the processes from ingredient development, cosmetics formulation and to cosmetics manufacturing, we provide cosmetics that truly satisfy mature skin. And this was the start of the history of “DERMED”, the skincare for mature women.

    Basic Skincare

  • 2008-Heisei 20-
    Launch of an anti-wrinkle cream containing our original ingredient from rosemary
    Making cosmetics with passion and scrupulous care.

    For 15 years since the establishment of DERMED, we launched numbers of items into the market. And this year, we launched a skin firming cream “DERMED WRINKLE CREAM”. Our researchers started developing an anti-wrinkle ingredient from rosemary: a well-known herb for rejuvenation, a few years back. Though it had been said impossible to extract the effective ingredient at high concentrations, they succeeded in developing an anti-wrinkle ingredient “Serumvital”, by conducting numerous trial productions with slightly changed conditions. The ingredient is very rare and only produced 1 g from 1,000 g of rosemary leaves. To bring you the power of this ingredient in its best condition, they developed the cream using the latest technologies with scrupulous care in its all processes from ingredient development to commercialization. We have been striving to treat women’s skin problems by manufacturing each cosmetics with passion and care.


  • 2013-Heisei 25-
    Launch of a more suitable hair restorer to treat thinning hair and hair loss of women
    Taking a step forward in facing challenges.

    We were quick to launch a hair restorer for women into the market. Attempting to develop a gray-hair-preventing ingredient was a start. In order to treat hair problems of mature women, our researchers studied over 500 materials. Eliminating preconceptions, they also researched materials that usually won’t even be candidates and came to discover hair growth promoting effect of 6-benzylaminoprine which had been used to increase fruit set in apples in the field of agriculture. They focused on its significant effect and developed it as our original ingredient “CTP”. In 1995, the hair-restoring ingredient “CTP” was approved as an active ingredient by the former Ministry of Health and Welfare. The researchers’ continuous study on CTP revealed that it effectively treated thinning hair and hair loss caused by the decrease of female hormones, and we relaunched a hair restorer for women. They further studied the cause of female thinning hair and developed “Hop Extract”. In 2013, we relaunched “DERMED HAIR ESSENCE”, a hair-restoring essence much more suitable for women. After launches, our researchers continue studying to develop better products. And not being bound by the conventional rules or fruits of research, and eliminating preconceptions, we have taken steps forward and will keep challenging to bring you the powers of ingredients.


  • 2015-Heisei 27-
    Launch of the true aging-care line with originally developed ingredients
    Further development to make your wishes come true.

    We have been developing ingredients and cosmetics based on our belief: “Better Cosmetics containing Better Ingredients” to grant women’s wishes to stay young and beautiful. And making the best use of know-how we accumulated over the years, we were finally able to simultaneously contain two anti-aging ingredients: an anti-wrinkle ingredient “ST Myrobalan” which prevents collagen degradation and a complex skin lightening ingredient “Pur Blanc W” which stops melanin production. In autumn 2015, we launched a basic skincare line: DERMED PREMIUM SERIES which is effective on wrinkles and spots, as a solution to skin problems of mature women. DERMED, relaunched as the true aging-care line with originally developed ingredients, will pursue further improvements and continue to provide items to treat mature skin and hair problems.

    The true aging-care cosmetics with originally developed ingredients

  • 2017-Heisei 29-
    Launch of the most prominent aging-care cream in the history of DERMED
    Compilation of our know-how and technology.

    It has been over 25 years since the launch of DERMED. Through our continuous challenges, we took a huge step forward. In March 2017, we launched a true aging-care cream: DERMED PREMIUM CREAM No.1, which contains eight skincare ingredients and helps you treat mature skin problems. Two of the eight ingredients are our major ingredients: a skin lightening ingredient “Kojic Acid” and an anti-wrinkle ingredient “Serumvital”. It had been said impossible to formulate the two into one cream, but we succeeded by bringing together our expertise in research and development. We were particular about how it felt when applied and formulated the cream to be silky-soft and pleasant to use. With this most prominent aging-care cream in the history of DERMED, we continue to support your daily skincare and help you achieve your most beautiful self.