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We contribute to society by satisfying
the fundamental human need to stay young and
beautiful forever.

Sansho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1960 with its corporate philosophy: “We contribute to society by satisfying the fundamental human need to stay young and beautiful forever”.

Since then, over 130 years counting from the establishment of the former Jinnai Sansho-do Pharmacy, we have been devoting ourselves to developing cosmetic ingredients that treat aging skin and hair mainly from natural raw materials in order to pursue both safety and effectiveness.

DERMED is the aging-care brand we, specialists of ingredients, launched. We conduct all of its processes from developing ingredients and formulations to manufacturing. Development of effective ingredients and research on how to deliver the benefits of the ingredients to skin and hair takes time. Still, we are willing to spend time because it is not our objective to launch new products with slight changes. We believe that we can satisfy customers' needs to “stay young and beautiful” with our truly effective cosmetics containing our unique ingredients.

For our brand to be highly appreciated by customers of a wide age range, we will continue to strive.

Photo:President & CEO Sansho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Hiroyuki Jinnai President & CEO Sansho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Hiroyuki Jinnai

Company information

Name Sansho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Representative Hiroyuki Jinnai - President and CEO
Foundation 1960
Headquarters 2-26-7, Oike, Onojo-city, Fukuoka 816-8550 Japan
Saga factory 5-1, Fujinokimachi, Tosu-city, Saga 841-0048 Japan
Capital 87.67 million yen

Company history

1960 Founded in Omuta-city Fukuoka, Japan.
1971 Set up a headquarters and a factory in Onojo-city Fukuoka, Japan.
1989 Awarded the Prize of Excellent Executive for Kyushu and Yamaguchi region.
1990 Received the Distinguished Service Award for pharmaceutical affairs.
1993 Launch of a new brand “DERMED”.
1995 Set up a new factory in Tosu-city Saga, Japan.
1999 Certified under ISO 9001.
2002 Certified under ISO 9001:2000.
2002 Became a member of The Japan Direct Marketing Association.
2006 Accredited by the PrivacyMark System.
2008 Registered as a company extending supports to working parents.
2009 Certified under ISO 9001:2008.
2011 Participated in support activities of Michinoku Future Fund for orphans of The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.
2017 Certified under ISO9001: 2015.
2017 Expanded support programs to balance work and childcare. Opened "Oike Sansho Nursery".